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The cross-disciplinary team at the TTO is always on hand to help ULB scientists get their projects up and running. TTO achievements so far:

  • 130 active families of patents

  • 38 spin-offs launched

  • 52 active licences

The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) works to facilitate cooperation between the University and its external partners (public bodies and business) in scientific services, research and development, finding practical applications for the research findings, and taking part in local and regional development. The team is made up of around a dozen scientific, financial, and legal advisers, with administrative support and communication resources. Originally based at ULB-Brussels, a TTO-Life Sciences team moved to the Biopark in 2006, with financial support from the European Social Fund (ESF) and the region of Wallonia. The team is mainly composed of specialist life sciences advisers who are able to understand the context of biomedical research and its certification.

The role played by TTO experts consists of supporting scientists at every step of the process, from the beginnings of an idea to its commercial application, especially in relation to:

  • Identifying an invention within a research team

  • Evaluating the technological and economic value of an invention

  • Running projects under regional initiatives (FIRST, incentive programmes, European Recovery Programme, Maturatino Funds, Competition Clusters, etc.)

  • Submitting patents for approval and managing intellectual property at the ULB

  • Negotiating licences and industrial contracts

  • Monitoring new spin-off companies on behalf of the University

  • Processing files for the Business Development Committee

Isabelle Lefebvre, Directrice

T. Campus du Solbosch +32 (0)2 650 47 22
T. Campus de Charleroi +32 (0)71 37 86 56


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