The Centre for Microscopy and Molecular Imaging (CMMI)

The CMMI was founded with support from the European Union and the region of Wallonia (ERDF). Created in a joint venture between UMONS and ULB, the CMMI is the cumulation of mutual desire of both universities to pool their remarkable skills and resources, providing the scientific community with a comprehensive, effective preclinical biomedical imaging facility.

Located at the foot of the IMI, the CMMI is one of the few centres in Europe where all kinds of analysis may be carried out under the same roof, from molecules to small animals. It provides industrial and academic labs with an extremely broad range of cutting edge imaging instruments and techniques.

Its activity is structured around 10 fields (eight of which are coordinated by ULB scientists, and two by teams from UMONS):Electronic microscopy, Quantitative morphom/etrics and automation, Holographic microscopy, Fluorescent microscopy, Flow cytometry imaging, Magnetic resonance imaging, Emission imaging, Optical imaging, Autoradiography and DIAPATH.

In partnership with Biopark Formation, the CMMI also offers specialist training in how to use its equipment. This means that the CMMI is involved in all aspects of the Biopark's activity, acting both as a research centre, a technology base, and a training provider.

CMMI presentaftion video, filmed when centre was opened (in French).

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