Biopark News

Biopark News is a quarterly publication in French and English that provides the latest news about Biopark Charleroi Brussels South and the organisations that are part of it. Each issue includes a special report on a particular theme. Here you can find previous issues of the magazine in pdf format. Since 2018, The Biopark Charleroi News is available online on this page.

Last issue

Biopark News n°30: New research projects

  • Bacterial persistence (p2)

  • Biopark secures 4 ARC (p3)

  • New FNRS projects (p4)

  • ProsPECT: better prostate cancer diagnostics (p6)

  • CliniX: a brand new partnership (p7)

  • Caprion: a new player (p8)

  • I-Tech Incubator 3 on the horizon? (p10)

  • OncoDNA: the fight against cancer (p11)

  • Digital learning (p12)

Previous issues:



Biopark News n°29

Le doctorat, aujourd’hui et après?

Printemps 2016pdf

Spring 2016pdf

Biopark News n°28


Hiver 2015pdf

Winter 2015pdf

Biopark News n°27


Automne 2015pdf

Autumn 2015pdf

Biopark News n°26

New research projects

Ete 2015pdf

Summer 2015pdf

Biopark News n°25

Cell Therapy

Printemps 2015pdf

Spring 2015pdf

Biopark News n°24

IBMM, 15 years later

Hiver 2014pdf

Winter 2014pdf

Biopark News n°23

New Biopark courses

Automne 2014pdf

Autumn 2014pdf

Biopark News n°22

Business moves in

Eté 2014pdf

Summer 2014pdf

Biopark News n°21

Innovative partnerships

Printemps 2014pdf

Spring 2014pdf

Biopark News n°20

Biopark, varied roles

Hiver 2013pdf

Winter 2013pdf

Biopark News n°19

Biopark, actor in regional development

Automne 2013pdf

Autumn 2013pdf

Biopark News n°18

Biobanks @ Biopark

Eté 2013pdf

Summer 2013pdf

Biopark News n°17

Research: broadening horizons

Printemps 2013pdf

Spring 2013pdf

Biopark News n°16

Biopark's companies are fine

Hiver 2012pdf

Winter 2012pdf

Biopark News n°15

Biopark Formation: 4th birthday

Automne 2012pdf

Autumn 2012pdf

Biopark News n°14

The pace of research

Eté 2012pdf

Summer 2012pdf

Biopark News n°13

Biopark Incubator

Printemps 2012pdf

Spring 2012pdf

Biopark News n°12

Made in Biopark

Hiver 2011pdf

Winter 2011pdf

Biopark News n°11


Automne 2011pdf

Autumn 2011pdf

Biopark News n°10

Cell Therapy

Eté 2011pdf

Summer 2011pdf

Biopark News n°9

Chemistry and life sciences

Printemps 2011pdf

Spring 2011pdf

Biopark News n°8


Hiver 2010pdf

Winter 2010pdf

Biopark News n°7

Quality control

Automne 2010pdf

Autumn 2010pdf

Biopark News n°6

Center for Microscopy and Molecular Imaging (CMMI)

Eté 2010pdf

Summer 2010pdf

Biopark News n°5

Training and education

Printemps 2010pdf

Spring 2010pdf

Biopark News n°4

From bench to business

Hiver 2010pdf

Winter 2010pdf

Biopark News n°3

IBMM : 10 years

Automne 2009pdf

Autumn 2009pdf

Biopark News n°2

Excellence program "CIBLES"

Eté 2009pdf

Summer 2009pdf

Biopark News n°1

Biopark in a glance

Printemps 2009 pdf

Spring 2009pdf